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Editorial Board & Staff

Volume 56 (2017 - 2018)

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief: Adam Wetherington

Senior Articles Editor: Bryan Merke

Senior Notes Editor: Chase Cunningham

Articles Selection Editor: James Russell

Executive Editor and Online Content Editor: Rick Adams

Articles Editors: Marianna Michael, Katie Skeens, Caitlin Rieser 

Notes Editors: Aurora L. Hardin, Benjamin Coffman, John Slack  

Managing Editor: Katherine E. Tapp

Faculty Advisors: Leslie W. Abramson, Kurt X. Metzmeier, and Justin Walker 

Second-Year Members 

Morgan Blind 

Chelsea Dermody

James Gerlach

Kevin Imhof

Phillip Pearson

Taylor Richard

M. Devon Skeens

Leah Spears

Christopher Wolfe

Jessica M. Stemple

Miles Tichenor

Maria Tipton

Evan Wright

First-Year Members 

Bethany Beal 

Lloyd Fowler 

Calesia Henson 

Andrew Klump 

Steven Lowery 

Elizabeth Mosley 

Erin Shaughnessy 

Gregory Smith 

Samantha Sullivan 

Jake Eldemine-Smith 

Danielle Hampton 

Taylor Ichinose 

Natalie Johnson 

Kylie King 

Sue Eng Ly

Chad McKane 

Julianne Tackett

Kyle Buker 

Christine Clark 

Jonathan Courtney 

Jacquelyn Ha 

Elizabeth Penn 

Corey Thomas 

John Weber 

Christopher Zelli

Andrew Wilhoit 


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