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52 U. Louisville L. Rev. 153 (2013)
By What We Have Destroyed: Historic Preservation and the Preservation of Individual Property Rights
Robin D. Rice*

When, in 2008, preservationists in Louisville, Kentucky designated a white, but sooted, gable-roofed building a historic landmark, the least of their worries was the preservation of the landmarks ordinance itself.  Yet, less than four years later, the ordinance under which the building—and dozens like it—had been designated a landmark became a source of contention.  And by the end of summer and long political debate, the ordinance had been completely overhauled.

* J.D. Candidate, May 2014, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville. The author would like to extend gratitude to Professor Laura Rothstein for her unflagging assistance and encouragement with this research.