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51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 435 (2013)
Fictional Characters and Real People
Leslie A. Kurtz*

Fictional characters and the performers who play them both have a powerful hold on the human imagination and are important parts of our modern myths. Fictional characters are of great value in the ongoing process of creation and serve as building blocks for the development and expansion of our culture. Those who play fictional characters are often celebrities whose personae, in a celebrity-obsessed world, are packed with a rich set of widely understood connotations.1 We live and work within our culture and the language and symbols that inhabit it, and fictional characters and celebrities are among the most important of these symbols. They can encapsulate ideas, evoke emotions or conjure up images.

* Professor of Law, University of California, Davis. B.A., Brown University; M.A., New York University; J.D., Columbia University.