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51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 271 (2013)
Is it the Journey or the Destination?: Judicial Preferences and Decision-Making in the Ninth Circuit
Carlos Berdejo*
* Associate Professor, Loyola Law School. The author conducted a major portion of this research as a Terence M. Considine Fellow in Law and Economics at Harvard Law School and acknowledges support from the school’s John M. Olin Center for Law, Economics, and Business. The author would like to thank Daniel Chen, Joshua Fischman, Michael Guttentag, Louis Kaplow, Larry Katz, Pauline Kim, Lee Petherbridge, Andrei Shleifer, Stephen Wasby, Jeffrey Yates, and participants at the 2010 Conference of Empirical Legal Studies and the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Law and Economics Association for their extremely helpful comments on earlier drafts.