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51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 25 (2012)
Evidence-Based Litigation Reform
Mark Spottswood*
* Assistant Professor, Florida State University College of Law. I am very grateful to Ted Eisenberg, Marty Redish, Suzanna Sherry, Janet Alexander, Sergio Campos, Sandra Sperino, Robin Effron, Verity Winship, Corey Yung, Nancy Leong, Justin Pidot, Dan Markel, Reid Fontaine, Marshall Kapp, Colin Miller, David Levine, Kara Hatfield, Sam Wiseman, Hannah Wiseman, Shawn Bayern, Franita Tolson, Jake Linford, Jay Kesten, Tetyana Payosova, Curtis Bridgeman, Jim Rossi, Mark Seidenfeld, Manuel Usted, Karen Sandrik, Wayne Logan, Raja Raghunath, and Sarah Mirkin for their helpful comments and suggestions, as well as to additional commenters at the 2012 Junior Faculty Federal Courts Workshop, the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Law and Society Association, and the 2011 FSU College of Law Summer Enrichment Series.