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50 U. Louisville L. Rev. 201 (2011)
The State of Our Unions: How President Obama's Education Reforms Threaten the Working Class
Monica Teixeira de Sousa*
* © 2011, Monica Teixeira de Sousa. All rights reserved. Associate Professor of Law at New England Law | Boston. I wish to thank my colleagues at New England Law | Boston and our Faculty Development Committee for the opportunity to present and test my ideas. I am very grateful to Dean John O’Brien for the generous summer stipend I received to research this project. I am also very appreciative of the assistance I received from Anita Chase who so kindly obtained numerous sources for me through interlibrary loan. I wish to thank the University of Louisville Law Review Volume 50 Editorial Board and Members. For excellent research assistance, I thank Josiah Curtis and Michael Berwanger. I’m always and especially grateful to Damieta, João, Patrick, and Henry for their love and support.