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53 U. Louisville L. Rev. Online 41 (2015)
Dating Violence in Kentucky: Why Our Domestic Violence Laws Deserve an Update
Alexa Cox*

This Note will present the reasons why it is necessary to include dating couples in the class of those who may obtain a civil protective order. Part II will define dating violence in the context of domestic violence, will explain the process of obtaining a civil protective order, and will examine the history of domestic violence law in Kentucky. Part III explains the gravity of the dating violence epidemic, the effectiveness of protective orders, and the arguments against amending Kentucky’s law. Part IV will look at Kentucky’s proposed solution to the dating violence problem as well as other steps that lawmakers must take to end domestic violence. Finally, this Note will explain why the benefits of amending Kentucky’s law outweigh its costs.

* J.D. Candidate, May 2015, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, University of Louisville.