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University of Louisville Law Review Publishes Third and Final Issue of Volume 51

The Editorial Board and Staff of the University of Louisville Law Review are pleased to announce publication of Issue 3 of Volume 51. At 254 pages, the Law Review's Summer Issue features:

Brandeis Lecture
Glittering Generalities and Historical Myths, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 419 (2013)
Justice John Paul Stevens (Ret.)

Faculty Showcase Series
Disability Discrimination Law: The Impact on Legal Education and the Legal Profession, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 429 (2013)
Laura Rothstein, Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar, University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law

Fictional Characters and Real People, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 435 (2013)
Leslie A. Kurtz, Professor of Law, University of California, Davis

Law Student Laptop Use During Class for Non-Class Purposes: Temptation v. Incentives, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 483 (2013)
Jeff Sovern, Professor of Law, St. John's University School of Law

Shareholders Are Not Fiduciaries: A Positive and Normative Analysis of Kentucky Law, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 535 (2013)
Thomas E. Rutledge, Member, Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC

Carl A. Warns, Jr. Labor & Employment Law Institute
What to Do, What to Do: Employer Health Benefit Plans During and After 2012's Uncertainty, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 569 (2013)
Susan E. Cancelosi, Associate Professor, Wayne State University Law School

Subjective Intent and the Police-Created Exigency Doctrine: The Lawlessness of the Lawfulness Test, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 591 (2013)
Ben Lowry

Sowing Wild Oats: Bystander Strict Liability in Tort Applied to Organic Farm Contamination by Genetically Modified Seed, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 629 (2013)
Amanda Smith

Course Corrections: House Bill 463 and Reforming Kentucky's Broken Criminal Justice System Through Evidence-Based Reinvestment Strategies, 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 647 (2013)
Edward M. O'Brien

Copies of Issue 3 will soon be available on reserve in the Law Library and on Westlaw, Lexis Nexis, and HeinOnline. The journal is cited as 51 U. Louisville L. Rev. 419.

Publication of the Summer Issue culminates a successful year for the Law Review. This year, the publication was recognized for best practices and innovation in editing by the National Conference of Law Reviews (NCLR) and selected to host the NCLR's annual conference in March of 2015, which will bring between 250 and 350 journal editors and thousands of dollars in economic impact to Louisville. Finally, this month the Law Review will launch its new web presence, making its content more accessible and dynamic than ever before.

Volume 51 of the University of Louisville Law Review consists of 673 pages of content covering a wide range of legal and policy issues. One article published this year has already been cited in the Harvard Law Review.

None of these accomplishments would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the Law Review Editorial Board and Staff, who have logged a cumulative total of 7,500 hours of work over the last year. The Editorial Board for Volume 51 wishes the incoming Board, which officially takes over on May 11, the best of luck next year.