UofL Law Review Online

The University of Louisville Law Review Online was launched in May 2013 as a complement to the University of Louisville Law Review’s print edition. Created by the Editorial Boards for Volumes 51 and 52, the online component is intended to facilitate robust discussion of our print content and prompt commentary on timely issues of law and policy, recent judicial decisions, and legislative developments. It will feature work from accomplished practitioners, judges, professors, and students alike, offering non-traditional law review articles, responsive essays, case reviews, book reviews, and other commentary. Online pieces will be published on a rolling basis under an expedited editorial schedule that facilitates timely responses to hot-button issues.

In addition to publishing online exclusives, louisvillelawreview.org is also the official web presence of the University of Louisville Law Review. The website features archived print issues of the Law Review, available at no charge, and provides the most up-to-date information about the Law Review’s publications, membership, events, and initiatives.